About us

Why do we exist ?

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Our core focus

To be a Meeting Point and Incubator for organisations & entrepreneurs seeking inspiration, insights & advice on #organizational design #social innovation and #new business models i.e.

  1. how to build communities, create partnerships and grow eco-systems of like-minded partners ?  within the organisation as between multistakeholderparties, focussing on dialogue, participation & co-creation.
  2. how to (re)design a future proof organization (call it puropse driven, teal, self-organized, agile..): i.e. a sustainable, lean, open, profitable, networked, connected, talent oriented and a fun organisation to work for and with.  From silo structured to connected self-organizing teams.

Our core values

  1. open communication,  dialogue and transparancy are the ignition key to everything
  2. systemic strategic  alignement, the building plan for how we look at organisations & the whole context, a business model that puts the focus on people, synergy and purpose
  3. sharing of knowledge & insights, the stone bricks of our community
  4. collaboration as a team, as equals we take up our responsability in changing roles
  5. connected (self-)leadership, the engine that gets us going even when the going gets though
  6. co-creation, as we believe in collective wisdom: 1 +1 =5!
  7. being no-nonsensical & authentic, as we meet from person to person, no hidden agenda's
  8. valueing diversity, and accepting that differences can be a major source of growth.


More Info?

If you would like to join our community please feel free to get in touch.

Core Team

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