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Isabel Carlisle reports from the European Commons Assembly in Brussels: On 16 November I was in Brussels for the first European Commons Assembly: a gathering of over 100 people from all over Europe and beyond who are stepping forward to make visible,…

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In this article - part 2 in fact - Jeremy Scrivens, Work Future catalyst, tells about the mindshift and other way of working in the Mushroom Farm (Australia). How they started for the 1st time with an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. Starting-point: th…

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Reconceiving your current business to win in the digital age puts you into the realm of digital transformation, which is a form of end-to-end, integrated business transformation where digital technologies play a dominant role. It's all about val…

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Ilse Schorrewegen is kantelaar en begeleidt mensen en organisaties, die de zaken fundamenteel anders willen aanpakken. Ze reageert regelmatig uitgebreid en onderbouwd op Bloovi-artikels. Al voor de zomer trok haar reactie op het overzicht van het Bel…

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Sturen op verantwoordelijkheid is maar mogelijk als duidelijk is waar je als organisatie voor staat (purpose), wat je ambities zijn....en als je werkelijk de klant centraal zet,organiseer je werk en teams rond de kernactiviteiten of de primaire proce…

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Ingrid Larik said 5 weeks ago

Pasted ImageThere's no sustainability without empathy without boundaries.  Needed in the transition process Theory U) where you open your mind,  heart and  will.  Brené Brown nails it..

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Ingrid Larik:Replied 4 weeks ago
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Ingrid Larik said 6 weeks ago

levels%20of%20listening_Theory%20U_2.jpgI wrote a short blog - in Dutch this time - about sustainable entrepreneurship and the importance of connecting with yourself and the other(s). Using the body as your medium to sense, to listen on a deeper level.

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Ingrid Larik said 2 months ago

Great initiative to take place on the 15th till 17th of Nvember - The European Commons Assemnly in Brussels  see for more information and participation

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