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Duurzaam ondernemen is steeds belangrijker voor mensen, organisaties en overheden. Het zou eigenlijk de basis voor elk project, initiatief of organisatie moeten zijn. Het idee van Nieuwe Business Modellen is gebaseerd op drie principes: meervoudig, c…

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Questions to look at your business transformation as a “fundamental change in an operating model”: is yours strategic and long-term or reactive to unexpected change in the marketplace ? Are you a transformational leader ?

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This survey will be measuring how consultancy firms (in the broad sense !) innovate their business model. This survey helps to understand how consultancy firms can prepare for the future. The results will be processed anonymously in the MBA dissertat…

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Some members of 2BeLinked are actively participating in the MOOC - Theory U (second time) : Theory U is a social technology for leading change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide. Our goal ? Deepen our knowledge and abili…

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Carol Dweck researches “growth mindset” — the idea that we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems. In this talk, she describes two ways to think about a problem that’s slightly too hard for you to solve. Are you not smart en…

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OfflinePhoto of Mieke Desmadryl
Mieke Desmadryl said 9 days ago

Ik las vorige week in een berichtje op Linked In :

     "transition from HR thinking to Employee Experience thinking"

Vond ik wel een mooie om mee te nemen!


OfflinePhoto of Ilse Schorrewegen
Ilse Schorrewegen:Replied 9 days ago
OfflinePhoto of Ilse Schorrewegen
Ilse Schorrewegen said 12 days ago

Different histories, different narratives

Ik las vandaag de nieuwsbrief van Seth Godin over hoe verschillend we allemaal zijn en net dankzij die verschillen kunnen groeien als mensen en organisaties: 

Of course, each of us is different. Different histories, different narratives. You have an appendix, she doesn't. You are different from everyone else, from your DNA to the kind of morning you had today.
No one can possibly understand you completely.
The same thing is true for your organization, but multiplied (or even raised to the power of) the number of people who work there. 
Such complexity. Originality. Unique uniqueness.

And yet...
And yet we can go to the same doctors.
And yet we can read the same books.
And yet it's possible our organizations can benefit from the same interventions and insights.
Because, while we're each unique, we have far more in common than we're comfortable admitting. Amplifying our differences may make us feel special, but it's not particularly useful when it comes to getting better.
Being unique is a great way to hide from the change we need when someone offers us a better future. Learning from the patterns and the people who have come before, though, is the only way any of us advance.

De essentie van samenwerking en verbonden zijn - to be linked - is dat denk ik: aanvaarden dat we allemaal anders zijn én toch allemaal in essentie hetzelfde willen én beseffen dat de leercurves van anderen daarbij bijzonder nuttig kunnen zijn en dat we ook allemaal een zinvolle bijdrage kunnen leveren aan de leercurves van anderen. 

OfflinePhoto of Ingrid Larik
Ingrid Larik:Replied 12 days ago
OfflinePhoto of Ingrid Larik
Ingrid Larik said 2 months ago

New organizational models


Are you experimenting with new social technologies inspired by  Holocracy, Teal, Sociocracy3.0., Theory U, Interactive Interchange, Design Thinking, Organic Model...or other  hybrid approaches ?

Please drop us a line or share your thoughts and experiences here on the forum - see also the article 'Beyond holocracy' on the main blog (with attachement)

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