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Joining the CoP Collaborative Economy

Every 8 weeks we gather live in 't Bolwerk (Edegem) or in the E-Magine-You Center (Antwerp) - 2 partners in our network -  to exchange knowledge, experiences, business cases about a specific topic, theme, happening, book...with regard to

  • (re)designing organisations in a more agile and sustainable way with emphasis on the human capital;
  • enhancing collaboration in all ways and dimensions: within the organisation (in and between teams) as between organisations - new business models which focus on open innovation, talent sharing, associations of experts, building an eco-system...

The evening is being facilitated by at least two members  - who will work together (an example of #collaboration3.0. -  in an interactive way and with use of a certain methodology, technique... Getting inspired by content and by methodology.  After all, we are a learning community in the first place. From time to time we invite a speaker.

Per live session: 30 EUR (=VAT) - catering included 

These gateherings or interactive sessions are open to everyone. If you want to know more, please get in touch with Ingrid Larik, instigator.   We share some common values and are driven by knowledge sharing and helping out each other. A first step in getting to know eachother better, finding out if we are on the same wavelenght to be able to collaborate in a meaningfull way.  Afetra ll, it's about value creation.  From WIFM to WIFU and the society.  People, planet, profit philosophy. Weconomy. 

Every month (sometimes twice) we have digital sessions (through ZOOM): to keep up on eachothers' plans, initiatives...to stay connected  and tuned-in.

Becoming an active member 

Once you have tasted of the CoP, feel yourself at home with the other members and we are a good fit or match, you are invited to join the community and also the online platform of 2BeLinked. The platform is our number one communication channel to stay on top of things - a real hub: to work further on what was discussed or to report on what we agreed upon during the live meetings or the digital meetings.

You will have a personal profile on the platform (microsite to be more correct) and have the possibility to blog (public or not) , to communicate directly with the other members, launch some ideas, ...

As an active member you can join or lead  co-lab's - be it a sub CoP on a specific theme or the 2BeFutureFit Atelier (soon launched).   

Membership fee - members CoP (license software/The Learnscape + support included+ use of Loomio and Zoom): 120 EUR (+VAT) a year

Becoming a partner

There's a partnership between 't Bolwerk/ ABZG (Edegem) and the E-Magine-You-Center (Antwerp)

Communities only live by their members and their engagement, and this means also reaching out to other communities ....such as Hackistan.be or Spotted Zebras to name only two. But also on an international level, such as P2P from Michel Bauwens, Enspiral, Reiniventing Organizations.... We strongly believe in the value of eco-systems, which are often linked to each other.  To reinforce eachother.  This is what #collaboration3.0. is all about.  

Want to join ?  To have a taste ?

Get in touch with ingrid@ingridlarik.be or anne.billen.leuven@gmail.com

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