Who are We

From ego to eco-system

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Source photo: Gerd Leonhard - Futurist

Our mission ?

Helping organizations and people to achieve their dreams and ambitions, in a more (re)generative way, i.e.

  • transforming organizations into purpose driven, client-centered, networked organizations, contributing  to and being part of different (entrepreneurial) ecosystems, where dialogue and collaboration are the key leviers,
  • leading from the emerging future: agile and powerful..
  • and not just for the own benefit but for the benefit of all stakeholders, included the civil society and our planet.

Our ambition ?

  1. Creating a homespot and building an eco-system of value-minded entrepreneurial professionals, a tribe that actively wants to change the way organizations are designed and businesses are run : people-centered, client-driven,  entrepreneurial and social responsible.  Exchanging knowledge and experiences, developing and experimenting together with new approaches is in our DNA.

  2. To inspire you, business leaders and organizations, on how things can be done differently in a more (re)generative way and to walk with you the path of change, transition and development on a personal, team an organizational level.

Vision - Evolutionary Purpose

We are  a Tribe of entrepreneurs who want to provide a homespot for people, organizations, communities to dare to dream together.

At the heart of our tribe is the desire to help connect people with each other into vibrant communities, with themselves as authentic individuals and with the life energy of nature.

We want to bring the lightness and deepness of wisdom and consciousness back to today’s (business) world so it can be the foundation for the co-­creative experimentation space it wants to offer.

This continuous space for learning and innovation is aimed at designing purpose driven entrepreneurial environments, ecosystems, communities and generating value or profit for all stakeholders, including the Earth.

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