Our Founder(s)

Ingrid took the initiative to give birth to the Community of Practice "Collaborative Economy" 2BeLinked. June 2015 we speak. She found in Anne a like-minded compagnon, ready to co-design and co-facilitate the sessions within the community. A vivid community which has members of the first hour and newcomers.  
Just interested in the open sessions ?  That's fine.  Want something more, to really co-create ? Work together to have a real impact. Our 2BeFutureFit Studio (or Atelier in Dutch) could be the answer.  There are different levels of comittment possible.  One of our key-values: "Autonomy in connectedness"
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Ingrid Larik is the inspirator of and driving force of 2BeLinked (as an eco-system) and community manager for the CoP's and/or  Co-lab's Linked to our Purpose

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Anne's passion is to read, think, write and speak about radically different ways of “doing business” – in a regenerative way. For the benefit of life, not for the wealth and power of the 1 %

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